Zero Email Inbox

Volunteer Comox Valley


NOTE:  This workshop is now being held in Campbell River, January 24 from 9 am to 11 am.

Register by emailing or call 250-287-8111.

The email inbox is one of the biggest causes of poor productivity and one of the biggest stresses for most people. “Captain Time” Garland Coulson has helped hundreds of people learn how to use their email more effectively.

The Zero Email Inbox technique:

  • Works for ANY email system – Outlook, Gmail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird – it doesn’t matter
  • Takes LESS than 20 minutes per day

Here is what you will learn in the Zero Email Inbox workshop:

  • How to stop unneeded emails BEFORE your inbox
  • How to ensure your priority emails won’t get missed
  • How to do email “triage” – quickly sorting emails by priorities
  • How to insert common letters, resources and replies with just a few keystrokes
  • How to write your emails to reduce unnecessary replies
  • How to find any email in seconds
  • How to handle emails that need more information or are waiting for replies
  • How to handle email newsletters and other resource information emails you receive

January 24   9:00 am - 11:00 am at Volunteer Campbell River.

Non-members $50, Members of VCR $35.

Contact Name:Joanne Wiens
More Information:250-334-8063
Length Of Workshop:2 hours
Cost Per Person:$50
Teacher Name:Garland Coulson
Teacher Profile:

Garland Coulson, also known as “Captain Time”, has spent over 25 years mastering time management, and continues to learn and grow every day.  He eagerly seeks out the most powerful time management techniques and tools, tests them, refines them and then shares what he's learned with others. 

Garland’s presentations are powerful, yet understandable for everyone. People go away with techniques and tools they can use everyday, not “ivory tower” concepts. Garland’s passion and power are mixed with light-hearted humour to create a memorable presentation that will impact attendees for years to come.

Garland believes that time management isn’t just about work. One of the reasons he loves to teach time management is so that people have more time for what is important in their life.  Time for family, friends, community and passions. Or time just to be a human “be-ing” instead of a human doing.

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