Volunteer Computer Tutor Training

CV Adult Learning Centre

Become a Computer Tutor volunteer for the Comox Valley Adult Centre.

 Computer tutor training: 11th September to the 7th September from 10 am to 12 noon.  

You will learn about volunteering for a non-profit society and how to teach the basic functions of iPads, Android tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktops.  As a trained tutor, you can volunteer as a 1:1 tutor or you can facilitate/assist ongoing computer workshops at the CVALC.    

The CVALC is closed from the 15th June 2017 to the 4th September 2017.  You will be contacted by the 6th September for confirmation of attendance. 

Contact Name:Dolorese Plante
More Information:250-338-9906
Length Of Workshop:6 hours
Cost Per Person:$0
Teacher Name:Dee
Teacher Profile:

Dolorese has been working at the Comox Valley Adult Learning Centre for the past 4 years coordinating basic computer classes and facilitating the Money Matters financial literacy program.  

Time:10 am - 12 noon
To Register:250-338-9906 / dolorese@cvalc.ca