How to Help Us

Raise Awareness

There are many ways you can help raise exposure about volunteerism without investing much of your own time. If you have a social media account such as facebook or twitter please consider sharing the volunteer opportunities on our website. This action alone drastically increases the reach of our audience and connects more individuals to volunteer opportunities. More and more individuals are connecting with causes they belive in via the internet.

  • Boosting a post containing information about a volunteer position, or voluntary engagement action can help recruit a volunteer. As little as $10 can increase reach by over 2000 people.
  • Ask your family and friends about volunteering and volunteer together. Group engagement is a becoming very popular option for families. It offers a great deal of flexibility and minimizes the overall time commitment.
  • Organize a school event to raise importance about issues that matter most to you. Explain why we need volunteers in our communities and why Volunteer Comox Valley is a necessary part of finding a volunteer position.
  • Organize a fundraiser event for Volunteer Comox Valley. In order to successfully recruit volunteers in our community we need funds to raise public education regarding altruistic contributions.