Do you need Volunteers?

Volunteer Comox Valley serves charities, service organizations and residents by:

  • Promoting the values of volunteerism within the Comox Valley
  • Directing individuals to appropriate volunteer opportunities with member groups who are actively seeking volunteers
  • Supporting member organizations and the general public by providing training and education in volunteer management, training of volunteers, access to knowledge and resources that will help members to work more effectively with volunteers, and other education and services appropriate to voluntary organizations.
  • Getting the word out there! Sometimes it's as simple as having your information available to our community members on our website, in our office, and community events.

Interested in becoming a member of our society?

For info on services provided to member organizations: Membership Services

For info on membership payments please view the Payment Processing Form.

Are you already a Member with Volunteer Comox Valley?

Please visit the Create a new Opportunity Form to post your request for volunteers.

Not a member but would still like to share a volunteer opportunity?

If you would like to share a volunteer opportunity for the community please email it directly to:

The Form below is for all organizations, non-profits, service groups, church groups, schools etc who would like to share their volunteer opportunity with Volunteer Comox Valley. Before filling out the form below please consider contacting our office to clarify how we may be able to assist your organization. After completing the form below, please call the phone number provided to elevate the registration process.

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Account User Information
Primary Contact Information
This is the primary contact for your Organization. It is the contact that will be available for the public to see online. It should be set to contact that manages volunteer positions in your organization.
*Must use the XXX-XXX-XXXX format eg. 250-334-8063
*Must use the X1X-1X1 format
Organization Profile
*Must use the X1X-1X1 format
*Must use the XXX-XXX-XXXX format eg. 250-334-8063
*Must use the XXX-XXX-XXXX format eg. 250-334-8063
Organization Privacy
Check this box if you wish to show a google map on the public organization profile.
Check this box if you wish to hide your organization address information from the public and only allow VCV to see it.